Valheim Advanced Tips and Tricks

valheim tips and tricks

Today we’re do another tips and trick guide which is pretty awesome.

Mountain Pick

Actually talked about scaling mountains but we found another truck that actually works really well so you’re scaling the mountain Biome Native Gamer you run out of stamina and you don’t want to you know slide back down let’s go ahead and make yourself a little ledge with a pick just leave your pick out as you’re scaling the mountain let it kind of regen a bit did you just do it again just super easy super useful just don’t let your stamina run out and just make yourself makeshift platforms come up the mountain and if you come up the same path the next time your little platforms will already be there you’ll be able to scale it actually in no time really useful little trick really awesome get you top of mountains in no time at all so we thought this one was a pretty good one to start with.

Carts on Boats

We all know that boats and hearts are both very good for moving around materials but what you can do is go ahead and put parts on boats to move around even more right so you can go ahead and get yourself a card really easy just like that go ahead and just link yourself up to it build yourself a little rant and then just walk across drop your cart there you go and this thing will sail fine now you notice there’s nothing in the storage does not show any weight.

Weight Of The Ship

We do have a couple of items it does not affect the weight of the ship still not even sure if that actually does anything yet we haven’t had anyone confirm whether that actually affects the ceiling or not but you can move around tons of stuff on a longship you’d be able to get six seven eight of these on easily and just sail around so a really good way of moving around mass amounts of material if that’s something you’re into.

Moving Your Entire Base

You’re out farming maybe you’re moving your entire base from one place to another place you know what we mean especially if you’re playing with friends has a lot of uses right a lot of uses were pretty awesome another thing we would suggest another tip for the boats is when you park them make sure they’re not near rocks this is one issue i’ve run into in my own world that if you like the way we had my base my dock we had like stairways kind of running down so we get to them during big storms and stuff.

If they’re near rocks or sometimes even just too close to the land they’ll kind of bounce up and down up and down they’ll end up taking damage and over time they’ll actually get destroyed this is Native Gamer pretty good tip do not park your boats too close to rocks because you may be off in your base using portals to go to the planes you’re not using your boat any more and if it’s not under the projection of a workbench all those items may end up lost forever so yes definitely take care of your boat as well as use the carts and the ships to move around massive items.

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