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Nikon D5300 Review

Benjamin Gabriel



Nikon D5300

Nikon D5300 a great addition to Nikons ‘Advanced Beginners’ DSLR range replaces its predecessors with enhancements and grand features that are worth mentioning.

The camera is a tool that according to Nikon will target at photographical enthusiasts in the company’s APS-C lineup.

The D5300 comes with a powerful 24MP DX format CMOS sensor, similar to 24MP APS-C stabilizers. The camera is integrated with grand features to provide more physical control than D3200.

Advance Modes

This camera is designed for advance beginners, with basic controls and advance photographical modes that offer a great help to learn the basis of pro photography.


On the basis of appearance and performance, the camera is closely related to its predecessor D3200, but under the hood the camera comes with a very powerful strong camera. The D5300’s 24MP sensor comes without OLPF and houses no anti – aliasing filters that definitely give the camera an edge over resolution.


The camera is powered with an enhanced EXPEED 4 image processing technology, with dynamic results.

Video Mode

The camera also offers an enhanced video mode that has the capability to display true 1080 / 60p HD video.


Moreover, the camera also comes with a slightly wider screen with 3.2 ” as compared to 3″ screen. The camera offers crystal clear 1.04 million-dot vari-angle LCD monitor screen. The wider screen is a great feature that adds more to the camera appeal.


The grand features of the camera include a very stable phase-detection autofocus system consisting of 39-point AF system, along with 9 sensors cross-type points.

Shooting Speed

The camera provides 5 fps continuous shooting speed that certainly provides solid image quality with minimal image degradations.

ISO Sensitivity

Achieve precise exposures with large ISO sensitivity range of ISO 100-12,800 that can be enhanced to 25,600 to provide stunning results for low light conditions and unswerving exposure for sparkling artificial lights.

RGB Metering System

Although the camera is an advance beginner level camera it also includes a dynamic feature of 2016-pixel RGB metering system to add a touch of pro grade experience.


Powered by a powerful battery the camera provides an all-day shooting experience with more than 600 shot battery life which is highly useful for random photography.

Nikon D5300 can be regarded as one of the best DX format cameras introduced by Nikon for advance beginners. The camera is certainly loaded with jam packed features that can take you a step further for pro grade photography.

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Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

Benjamin Gabriel



Shoes for Ankle Support

When you are playing basketball an ankle injury is likely to happen. If you have weak and bad ankles then you cannot protect your ankle from getting injured. The ankle injury is usually caused by the bad selection of basketball shoes and this kind of injury lasts for many months. To protect your ankle you must use the basketball shoes that come with the high top construction and provide tons of ankle support. These shoes will increase the stability of your feet and protect your ankle from excessive movements. The main factor to keep in mind is the style of the shoes the high cut style help to limit excessive ankle movement. Some of the Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle support is given below.

Nike Air Command Force

Nike Air Command Force is the old-fashioned sneakers that provide extraordinary protection to the ankle. The soft cushioning of the shoes allows the player to play for hours without any discomfort. They are high cut basketball shoes and that’s why they enable their ankle protection ability. They are very light in weight. The quality of the shoes is very good and can be used for years.

Nike Men’s Lebron Xii

The upper part of the shoes is responsible for protecting the ankle. The part is flexible and avoids the ankle from twisting or stretching. The Lebron Xii is a breathable shoe and provides great comfort to the player. The shoes are light in weight and do not put a load on the player and can be used for hours. But the disadvantage of the shoes is that they may provide discomfort to the players who have slim foot shapes.

Nike Men’s Hyperdunk Shoes: Nike Men’s Hyperdunk is made up of synthetic fiber. It provides comfort to the player and can prevent the inside temperature from rising above. The cushioning of the shoes provides comfort to the player and providing safety to the ankle. They are light in weight and can be used for hours.

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Best Bluetooth Headset for truckers

Benjamin Gabriel



Bluetooth Headset for truckers

Plenty of wired and wireless headphones are available in the market. Using a phone while driving is quite dangerous. You have to keep your eyes on the road so that you should not cause an accident. To reduce this risk you should buy wireless headphones from the market or can order online. These wireless headphones have Bluetooth technology you can connect them with your device and can easily take calls.  As there is a lot of noise in trucks these headphones also have noise-canceling technology which can cancel all the distracting noises coming from the surroundings. Some of the best headphones are given below.

Sennheiser HD 4.40 Headphones

One of the best wireless headphones for making calls. They have a good battery life of 24 hours. The headset operates on wired or either Bluetooth connectivity. It has a built-in microphone through which you can change the track and even make calls. Sennheiser headphone is compatible and can be connected to many smart devices and tablets. The disadvantage of this headset is that the controls of the headphone work only with Bluetooth. The ear cup’s padding is made up of the best quality which provides comfort and ease.

COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

These headphones operate on both wired and wireless modes. They have built-in Bluetooth connectivity and they are compatible and can be connected to many other smart devices. It has a built-in 600mAh battery that serves about 24 hours. They are one of the best headphones for making calls and listen to music. It has the noise-canceling capability and cancels all the surrounding noise. The microphone of the headphones is not so good they need some improvement.

Plantronics Voyager 5200

The headset comes up with 4 built-in microphones that give a fantastic sound effect while calling. It also has noise-canceling technology. The battery life of the headphone is 14 hours. It has a comfortable and stale design and does not provide any discomfort to the listener.

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Nikon Coolpix B500 Review: Complete Guide & Features

Benjamin Gabriel



Nikon Coolpix B500

Bridge cameras have always dominated the world of zoom cameras with their powerful optical zooms. However, the superzoom camera or bridge cameras are ideally suited for sports and wildlife photographers. These cameras come with big lenses, complex structures, and rather complicated mode of operation, which make this camera less common to the operation of the general public.


Nikon took the lead to provide a bridge camera that is somewhat simpler to operate and offers an easy handling experience. Nikon thus introduced the Nikon Coolpix B500 which provides the zoom functionality of a superzoom camera with 40x optical zoom and 80x digital zoom.

The camera is an ideal solution for photographical beginners and enthusiasts who desire a simple travel camera.

With the mid-range size and compact structure, the bridge camera is not only the smallest superzoom camera but also a hot seller in the market.

The Nikon Coolpix B500 is a bridge camera with a 16-megapixel sensor coupled with a 40x optical zoom. You can also enable digital zoom up to 80x. The camera offers various shooting modes, but unfortunately, the camera misses manual controls and also raw shooting option is not available in the camera.

Curved Screen

Other interesting features include a 3.0-inch curved screen with a 921k-dot resolution. The backside screen offers an easy tilting structure, pulling slightly away from the body of its bracket. However, the camera is not perfect for taking selfies, or portrait-based pictures.

Dynamic Functionality

Coolpix B500 is loaded with dynamic functionality such as Zoom Rocker, which allows you to change a wide-angle zoom lens to a telephoto zoom lens. The camera also offers an alternative way to change the zoom lens with a simple switch on the edge of the lens, so you can easily achieve your desired zoom requirements.

Inbuilt Flash

Other exciting features of the camera include an inbuilt flash which operates in a semi-automatic function. When you press a button to lift it, you have to do it until it comes out automatically. When you use it, you push the flashback into place.

Fully Automatic Mode

The camera offers a fully automatic mode selection that provides you effective control over the camera settings. When you cannot change the aperture or shutter speed, it is possible to change the white balance and ISO sensitivity for desired results.

Ergonomically Placed Buttons

The camera houses ergonomically placed buttons that are placed on the right side of the camera, which provides you means have easy access to your camera with your right thumb. This feature enables a dynamic one hand shooting experience.


The camera provides Wi-Fi and Bluetooth powered by Snapdragon, which furnishes a powerful and stable image transfer functionality.


The camera is based on a chunky handgrip that extends beyond the body and feels very secure in the hand for a comfortable shooting experience.


The batteries are powered by AA batteries that are not liked by some people. But however, the AA provides the additional advantage of easily replaceable power bank options that are easily available.

Nikon Coolpix B500 with its amazing zoom range and compact structure is a great option for super bridge cameras. Normally bridge cameras do not come with such a unique combination. With total fun to operate and dynamic features, the camera is really appreciated by photographical experts.

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