Nikon Coolpix B500 Review: Complete Guide & Features

Nikon Coolpix B500 Review: Complete Guide & Features

Bridge cameras have always dominated the world of zoom cameras with their powerful optical zooms. However, the superzoom camera or bridge cameras are ideally suited for sports and wildlife photographers. These cameras come with big lenses, complex structures, and rather complicated mode of operation, which make this camera less common to the operation of the general public.


Nikon took the lead to provide a bridge camera that is somewhat simpler to operate and offers an easy handling experience. Nikon thus introduced the Nikon Coolpix B500 which provides the zoom functionality of a superzoom camera with 40x optical zoom and 80x digital zoom.

The camera is an ideal solution for photographical beginners and enthusiasts who desire a simple travel camera.

With the mid-range size and compact structure, the bridge camera is not only the smallest superzoom camera but also a hot seller in the market.

The Nikon Coolpix B500 is a bridge camera with a 16-megapixel sensor coupled with a 40x optical zoom. You can also enable digital zoom up to 80x. The camera offers various shooting modes, but unfortunately, the camera misses manual controls and also raw shooting option is not available in the camera.

Curved Screen

Other interesting features include a 3.0-inch curved screen with a 921k-dot resolution. The backside screen offers an easy tilting structure, pulling slightly away from the body of its bracket. However, the camera is not perfect for taking selfies, or portrait-based pictures.

Dynamic Functionality

Coolpix B500 is loaded with dynamic functionality such as Zoom Rocker, which allows you to change a wide-angle zoom lens to a telephoto zoom lens. The camera also offers an alternative way to change the zoom lens with a simple switch on the edge of the lens, so you can easily achieve your desired zoom requirements.

Inbuilt Flash

Other exciting features of the camera include an inbuilt flash which operates in a semi-automatic function. When you press a button to lift it, you have to do it until it comes out automatically. When you use it, you push the flashback into place.

Fully Automatic Mode

The camera offers a fully automatic mode selection that provides you effective control over the camera settings. When you cannot change the aperture or shutter speed, it is possible to change the white balance and ISO sensitivity for desired results.

Ergonomically Placed Buttons

The camera houses ergonomically placed buttons that are placed on the right side of the camera, which provides you means have easy access to your camera with your right thumb. This feature enables a dynamic one hand shooting experience.


The camera provides Wi-Fi and Bluetooth powered by Snapdragon, which furnishes a powerful and stable image transfer functionality.


The camera is based on a chunky handgrip that extends beyond the body and feels very secure in the hand for a comfortable shooting experience.


The batteries are powered by AA batteries that are not liked by some people. But however, the AA provides the additional advantage of easily replaceable power bank options that are easily available.

Nikon Coolpix B500 with its amazing zoom range and compact structure is a great option for super bridge cameras. Normally bridge cameras do not come with such a unique combination. With total fun to operate and dynamic features, the camera is really appreciated by photographical experts.

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