How to See Who Viewed Your Instagram Video


Instagram was first launched in 2010 and since then it has been one of the most famous platforms. Instagram has billions of users and each person uploads photos on Instagram which means that millions of photos are uploaded on Instagram daily.

Many people do business and promote their products through Instagram stories and by posting pictures. When you post videos and pictures most people become curious about who views their pictures and images. You can see who views your Instagram video there are different ways through which you can see the views. One of the saddest things is that you cannot see who visits or stalks your profile.

Even if you have a business account you still cannot see who visits your profile. If you are so curious to know who visited your profile, the Instagram story feature is the best profile to track your viewers. At the end of the story, you will see an eye icon. By tapping on that icon you will come to know who visited and view your story.  The two best ways to see who viewed your story on Instagram are mentioned below.

Way to See Who Viewed Instagram Video:

The first and the easiest way to see who views your Instagram video is that when you post something on the story tab on your story while it is still live. After 24 hours the story will be removed from your profile so you can only see the viewers while it is life.

At the bottom left corner, you will see an ‘eye’ icon tab on that icon, and the names of the users who watched your story will appear. This is the method for the video on the story. But if you post something on the feed then what is the method? It is also quite easy to view who view your video on the feed below the feed on the left corner tab on the likes icon and you can view the people who give you like but to see who view your feed is not possible you can only see the number of people who view your feed but not the names of users.

The total views are only available under the video but in the case of the photo, you will not be able to see the views only you can see the user who gives you likes.

Method to See the Views on Video:

If you want to see who viewed your video it is quite simple and easy just follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First of all, go to your profile and tap on the video you want to see its view
  • When the video will open on the left most corner tab on the view count
  • When you tap on the view count the list of people who watched your video will be displayed.

If you have some older version of Instagram then this option will not be available to you. To see the views this option is only available in the Instagram version 7.17.1. So if you have not updated your Instagram yet go to the play store and first update your Instagram.

To See the Views on Story That Is Expired:

When your story is still live you can easily see the users who view your story. But when the story expires after 24 hours then how to see the views. The steps are quite easy. You can follow the steps mentioned below and you will be able to see the expired story views.

  • First of all, go to your profile and on the right top corner tab on the three lines.
  • After tabbing the line you will get the menu with a different option
  • Tab on the Archive option
  • From there select the story archive and open the story, you want to check the views.

If the person views your story more than once your Instagram views will become higher than the username.

Other Applications to See Instagram Views:

Most people use some external application to see who views their Instagram stories and some of them use VPN to keep a track of their profile. The disadvantage of using other applications is that these applications do not provide you with all the services as they claim.

It is recommended that you should not use any of these applications because your personal and account information may get stolen and it can be used illegally in the future. The only purpose of this application is to earn money through the user and steal private information.

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