Genshin Impact fishing locations – how to catch fish

Genshin Impact fishing spots

The newest update for Genshink Impact is finally here! The charming anime game includes new content and features, including exploring more of Inazuma with characters from the 2.1 Update as well as meeting several other newcomers in an eventful storyline full events that will keep you interested until there’s another one next year (fishing included).

There are a wide variety of fish available to catch across Teyvat, and they come in all different colors. Sometimes you can only find them near certain regions where the water ripples outward in an arc shape before it becomes flat again – but this is just for Genshin Impact Fishing Spots! Once there’s something on your line then its time grapple with that slippery little devil by using either pole weapons or bare hands

The Genshin Impact fishing rod is a special item available for those looking to do some exploring in Teyvat. To get this new tool, you need an Adventure Rank of 30 or higher and must have completed Ritou Escape Plan – which means completing all five stages with no mistakes! Once obtained make sure not only are the fish fresh but also their location as well because there’s more than one type that bites here: ornamental types can go into your Serenitea Pot while others will be exchanged at designated areas around town (this includes meats).

At first, the quest Exploding Population will lead you to Nantuck on Cider Lake’s shores. Here he can teach you how to fish with his own special rod but it is not necessary for catching what lives in these parts! There are also specialist rods available from Fishing Associations across Tibia–the one near him has them all if I’m not mistaken? Why don’t we go see what types work best for where our character plans on traveling next…

If you’re looking for a way to relax and enjoy some time outdoors, fishing might just be your best bet. You can fish by interacting with Fishing Points which are marked on the water’s surface by ripples created when bait is thrown into its midst. Thereafter selecting one of two rods – short or long range respectively- will determine how deep down in that area they want us to go; if we have enough space left over after catching our catch then maybe try again at another spot nearby! The 20 types include ornamental ones such as goldfish but also normal species like trout found mostly around Scandinavia where people often keep them inside ponds near homes since their native habitat isn’t so friendly outside due.

This is an easy game for any fisherman to play. Press the cast button and hold it down until you get close enough so that your hook can settle in some fishy waters without scaring them away, reel back slightly on your line tension adjusting stick while keeping up with what feels good (in blue) then let go when ready! You’ll be winning over compliments from friends fast once they see how beautifully everything comes together at last – especially if there are tales about big ones stuck around too…

The interactive map has a variety of different spots where you can fish for various types, sizes and ranges in terms of what type or size they are looking to catch. You may want search by species as well as location on which is shown down below ‘fishing’ then select “hide all” before making your selection from there!

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