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12 Fortnite Tips & Tricks Everyone Must Know! – Fortnite Battle Royale

Benjamin Gabriel



Fortnite Battle Royale

These Fortnite tricks are not going to be anything like the usual Advanced ones that I cover. Some examples are smart ways to rotate with whirlpools secret strategies to sneak up on opponents and even a way to quickly reload your weapons. Be aware not all of these techniques will be new to you. I personally never seen before While others are more like reminders of tips. You probably forgot about so please for the love of Papa Jerry and don’t leave us now.

1. Fall damage in bushes

The first trick we’ll look at is the fact you do not take fall damage in bushes. No matter how high up you go. You will not take any fall damage while Landing in a bush. This is really useful while you’re in build fights or any type of engagement on High Ground. You can just position it over a bush and use it to get down without using any mats.

2. Completely silent Second

You can be completely silent in-game if you crouch Aqua ladies sing as I’m sure you all know by now footsteps are really loud in a fortnight. One way to get around that is to crouch walk crotch walking will dampen the sound of your footsteps. However, it will not make you silent. What essentially will is aiming down sight with a weapon at the same time? It doesn’t matter what weapon you do it with or how fast you go. You can cover the sound of your footsteps using this technique. So from now on anytime you try to sneak up on someone Crouch walk and 80s at the same exact time.

3. Box fighting

This is a really helpful box fighting trick to help you and fights faster. You want to use this when your opponent is low Health on a ramp in their box rather than trying to replace the ramp or shoot through it. You can force him to fight you by walking up under the ramp spraying it down and then replacing it with your own while facing their back wall. This will result in you ending up next to your opponent where you can finish them off for the kill.

4. Ability to instantly reload

The ability to instantly reload your weapons by dropping the Of your inventory and picking them back up works for every weapon including ours. shotguns and yes even snipers beware though. I’m not sure how long this is going to be in the game for it. Honestly could get patched any day now regardless, if you’ve noticed Pro players constantly dropping their weapons as they heal now, you know why V up is the easiest way to boost your FPS in season 3. All you have to do is stop wearing skins with a lot of effects and start using more basic ones. My friend orange guy tested this out and he found his average frames or much worse while wearing Cosmetics like the new place He was losing more. The Navy FPS thus for all of you guys struggling to get good frames to season. It might be time to join the default Squad.

5. Feature Choppers

Feature Choppers have where they take more damage when you shoot their propellers, as you can see here a normal a are shot to a chopper – 31 damage. However, when you aim for the back propeller or the big propeller on the top you do 69 damage that is more than double the damage you normally do. So whenever you see a clown boy in a chopper do your best to Target its propellers.

6. Green chard shotgun

Upgrading from white to Green chard shotgun. Only costs 30 mats in total now. The reason I think it’s worth upgrading is the damage difference between the two Rarities a white charger shotgun. Does Max damage of 180 to the head and a green charged as 191 on top of that a white charge does Max damage of 120 to the body and a green charge does 127 that seemingly small difference can completely make or break fights. So considering it only cost 30 mats to upgrade.

7. Be Aware

You can dive much farther down while over water compared to gliding down over. I feel like everyone knows this already when it comes to jumping off the battle bus, but they don’t for any other point in the game. Well, the same concept applies no matter when you’re gliding. So if you’re trying not to get beamed and late-game rotations dive down over the water.

8. Better loot from sharks

This is a cool way to get better loot from sharks. What you do is throw some sort of gold or purple loot into the water near a shark in my case. I threw a serving fish and then let the shark eat it the shark should begin to Glow purple or gold. Once it does from there just eliminate the shark with your weapon and not only will you get the original Item ID Eight back, but you’ll also get higher Rarity loot as well.

9. Edit Trick

I showed in my box fighting video on clicks. Basically, you’re able to edit a wall from a whole tile away with your blueprints. Just hold out your wall piece, press your added key and you’re good to go. This is extremely useful inbox fights and real games when you’re trying to make edits from a safe distance away. Just keep in mind. This only works with your blueprints.

If you try from this distance with your pickaxe or shotgun and you’ll be left doing nothing. The following few tricks are all going to be related in really short sincere revolve around. Pads. They’re also all for my boy Destiny’s Jesus. First is this one you’ve seen Martin has utilized to force his way inside boxes to pull it off. Just aim your crash pad at the top of your opponent’s wall and walk forward. So your characters up against it when done correctly the crash pad should land behind you and send you straight through your opponent’s builds for easy shots.

The next Crash Pad technique is to help you rotate in scrims while you’re inside a box rotate your stairs twice. So they look like this edited out of your one by one place the stairs beneath it and then throw your crash pad on the rotating stairs. This will give you a really cool little low pad rotate to help you get to the next moving Zone and speaking of moving sones. You can rotate with crash pads is by placing a floor outside your one by one throwing a crash pad on it covering it up. So nobody can shoot it out and lastly editing the two front titles of your cone up. The edited cone will give you an even lower bounce effect, which is perfect for stacked and games. So in case you don’t have launch pads to use in tournaments crash pads are a great alternative.

10. Get a full shield

Get a full shield from slurp trucks that are completely underwater. Rake it while you’re above it and you’ll get the full 100 slurp side note this particular one makes for a really good solo landing spot just drop at the back of sweaty away from everyone lewd up rotate over to the truck for full shield and then rotate to Zone by using the whirlpool right next to it.

A few Chopper tricks from reuse tsunami is that you can heal yourself while inside your helicopter by destroying slurp trucks. All you got to do is fly next to it and then tap it with your chopper. You’ll end up getting the full 100 health or Shield exactly like in the last trick my favorite rapper trick from Rio though is this one that makes it really hard to take damage while initially getting in the chopper the way it works is you get inside the chopper then immediately get out and wait for it to start flying once it gets off the ground a little you can get back in and boost away from anyone trying to shoot at you.

I really like this because of how much safer it is compared to the normal method of starting up your Chopper final helicopter trick from Ryu is to mow down the cornfields at frenzy using the propellers. Not only will this destroy the cornfield but it will also drop corn for you to put inside your inventory more than halfway through

11. Cones in different spots

Ie fact you can play Cones in different spots, depending on where you look through a window edit what I mean by this is when you place your Crosshair towards the bottom half of the window edit your cone will place on the other side of the window on the bottom of the wall on the other hand. If you look towards the top half of the window edit the cone will place on the top of the other side of the wall.

This trick is really really useful for build battles. It helps you establish peace control and end fights quicker than you normally would Patrick 19 is to utilize edited cones to get into vents in case you haven’t landed at the Yacht you can now jump inside a lot of these vents are for what we use to Nami does is placed a cone edit the nearest aisle of the Venta reset it and is then able to sneak up into the crawlspace the only place in the map where you’re actually able to jump inside vents is the authority just run and jump towards the vent in the basement and you can get inside them without wasting any mats circling back to rotation tricks. Let’s take a look at those involving whirlpools.

The first step is to be smart and position next. Whirlpools in the mid-game there are tons of whirlpools around the mask that alongside the fact you can build in water during season 3 makes whirlpools a free source of rotation. If you position near them in the mid-game second is Destiny.

Jesus shows here to build two ramps above your one by one then use them as a low pad when you come out of the whirlpool, by the way, whirlpools have been disabled for the past few days because of a glitch so I’m using Destiny’s Clips regardless they rotate with the whirlpool is to place a cone on the outside of your box edit it like this and we’ll pull off of it for a nice diagonal. Tate lastly you can also do this using a ramp with a floor attached to it. You’ll go a much shorter distance, but you won’t be at any risk of taking damage.

12. Leftover looter consumables

Stop these annoying sharks from attacking you while you loot. All you have to do is take any leftover looter consumables and throw them in the water. This will buy you some extra time to finish looting while the shark eats. Whatever you threw in something real likes to do in addition to that is through a crash pad at the shark whenever it rushes in the crash pad will send the shark into the are effectively resetting its attack pattern on the topic of annoying features one way to Away from Marauders is to hide in a bush just sit there turn on one of my videos and chill out until they go past you final few tricks are cool ways to utilize Peppers peppers are the newly added consumables that give you a speed boost one way to use them for mid-game rotations over water is to rotate your ramp once get on top of it using a floor and then building the rotated ramps for protection as you rotate for free.

If anyone shoots at you, then you can just stop to fortify your builds. Also, you can do this in the late game by rotating your ramp three times and doing the same exact thing. Let’s say you don’t want to Steny builds, what you can do is use pepper and start swimming the speed boost will work. Even as you swim Plus for a few seconds. You do come up out of the water. You can just build a wall or two and continue on your way to swim. Now for the moment. You’ve all been waiting for the 30th and the final tip is to use code Jerian. No, I’m not kidding. My code will actually make you a better player. Hashtag add overall guys.

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Valheim Advanced Tips and Tricks Don’t Survive Dominate

Benjamin Gabriel



Valheim Advanced Tips and Tricks

Stack Wood outside

The best use of the Woodstock isn’t to actually just you know stack wood outside your house or anything like that the best part of it is actually to run around as you’re cutting trees and throw down the stacks when your inventory gets full so as your inventory gets full you throw down the wood stack and then you come back later with a cart so you can keep moving and keep farming that is actually hands-down the best use of it you can see we stacked a bunch and we would just repeat this process as we went and there you go you just kind of free up your inventory especially before you have pre-belt right so you haven’t found the trailer yet you don’t have a lot of inventory space just throw that down come back later with the cart just grab the camera and then you just middle mess up that you don’t even need to craft your table nearby so that is hands down the best use of the wood stack one of the absolutely.

Early Game Weapons

The best early game weapons at valheim are is the stag breaker this thing is actually pretty silly it is an aoe weapon that does you know aoe damage right it is mostly blunt a little bit of piercing only takes five deer trophies and does an AoE knockback as well as damage this thing is right in the swamp it’s great at handling the slimes it knocks them back so they can’t poison you it handles pretty much everything it’s just a really good weapon all around it also parries a little bit but you know.

Kill Massive Groups Of Enemies

It’s not that great appearing really great for kiting so you can just kite large groups run a little bit and then kind of swing sometimes you get hit once but it doesn’t matter really because you’re going to kill massive groups of enemies pretty easily in this thing operating we think it takes bones as well but it doesn’t even matter right it doesn’t even matter this thing early on is just a beast all around it’s great for events as you can plainly see we am pretty weird for this one but even so we would just run around the corner and heal with my honey like we always do anyway and it’s just a piece of weapon that doesn’t get the respect it deserves there’s an upgraded version of this later in the game called the sledgehammer which we haven’t used a lot yet.

Looking For Iron

If you’re looking for Valheim Iron Native Gamer you’re struggling a bit then that’s a great way that you can find some extra iron in your worlds so the gray dwarf mobs are a little bit annoying in the game you probably know that but one thing that you may not have known is that when you’re fighting the elder boss grey dwarfs will actually heal the elder boss so if you start damaging it and there’s a load of grey dwarfs around you’re going to find it hard to kill it because it’s going to keep on taking healing from these gray dwarfs so if you’re fighting the elder boss do make sure that there’s no great horse in the area and if there are be sure to kill them otherwise he’s going to you know to heal the boss and that’s just not good.

The next thing that we were not aware of until quite recently is that you can actually turn vegetation down in the settings under the graphics section put it right the way down to low and you’ll see when you do that my goodness finding mushrooms and like raspberries and things like that is actually so much easier so if you are struggling and when you’re out exploring stuff this is definitely something we think you should consider you can see how much that cleared the land we mean if we look at it now how flattened stuff this is how easy it is to see everything we go back into the graphics and put that one up too high then this is it’s a big difference.


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How old is Fortnite?

Benjamin Gabriel



How old is Fortnite

Fortnite is developed by Epic in July 2020. So Fortnite is 3 years old. Fortnite is one of the most popular games around the world in which 350 million players are currently login into Epic account. The popularity of Fortnite is due to its extra pleasant updates and rewards.

The players are very happy due to the new updates that are being made after every month. Many new locations, skins, masks, gliders, weapons, and many other products are available to the player when they complete the season or level up in the game.

Each season of Fortnite is more exciting with beautiful features than the existing one. The game has different modes in Battle Royale mode 100 players are placed on the battlefield and the game continues until only one player remains on the battlefield.

You can even play solo, duo, or even in a team of 4 players. Different missions and challenges are given to you each week. You have to complete that and if you complete the challenges you are given rewards and many other products in return.

Other knowledge of Fortnite:

Fortnite is the game in which you have to survive and save the world. Monsters and zombies have taken the world by force you have o kill those monsters and make the world yours. You can even build the building for that purpose you need to have different materials.

The building will help you to protect yourself from the enemy attack. Since the game release it is available on all platforms PC, Xbox One, Playstation, and Switch. Many parents about their children as they are spending more time to Fortnite. In Fortnite, most of the players use abusive language which can highly affect the players under 18. The game has also experienced the problem of hacking.

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How long is Fortnite Downtime?

Benjamin Gabriel



Fortnite Downtime

Fortnite is a battle game and millions of players are competing with each other in the game. Every new exciting update has made the player to play more game. Most people spend hours playing the game.

Each of them wants to be the best player in the game. The game is not only played in one country it is famous around the world. When you play the game with unknown players you can see that most of the players are from different countries and they speak a different language.

You can change your setting and set the name of your country and flag. You can even make your avatar. Avatar is available for both male and females players. Fortnite provides you many new and unique rewards when you level up in the game or complete the weekly challenges.

How long Fortnite Downtime is?

The Fortnite downtime is at least 3 hours in which it completes all the technical issues related to the game. The new updates in the game are also made during this hour. These are the peak hours in which the game server is down.

Usually, downtime starts at 2 am to 11 pm and the players cannot play the game due to the load on the server. The players who play on the Xbox series and Xbox one they cannot play the game at this hour as the servers are down.

Most of the players get worried as Fortnite is not working so there is no need to get worried about this issue because it is to solve all the technical issues in the game.

Epic has officially announced that the game server will be down for the scheduled maintenance starting from Nov 2020. Many new updates are made at this hour which is provided to you the next day. After the maintenance, the Epic games usually get things back online after around an hour.

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