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Fortnite game sense is involved in everything you do from deciding which edit to make to planning out rotations in a stacked stream game there’s really no getting around the fact that to be an insane player in fortnite you have to have solid game sense that’s why in today’s guide i’ll be discussing how you can improve your game sense dramatically in fortnite chapter 2 season 7 in future seasons i’ll be going over some of my top recommended methods you can use so whether you’re trying to grind arena points place higher-end tournaments or anything else you can improve your game sense which is one of the most important skills.

You can have as a fortnight player with that said if you want to enjoy this guide be sure to drop a like on it subscribe if you’re new and want to see more content just like this and without further ado let’s get into the guide so the first thing that i want to discuss in this guide was something i haven’t really seen any creators talking about and that’s the different types of game sense there are the thing about game sense is that it’s so vast and essentially covers every single thing you can know in fortnite since game sense has so much depth and so many subcategories it’s important to organize the different types of game sense that way you can target them a bit more effectively.

So with that said gamesense is going to have three categories which i call mechanical rotational and general starting with mechanical this form of game sense basically refers to your fighting game sense things like effective edits the best techniques or anything else that you’re going to use in fights belong in this category mechanical game sense really just refers to well the mechanical stuff that you do in game and really encompasses the knowledge aspect of fights our second form of game sense rotational is going to consist of what most of us tend to associate with game sense rotational game sense involves things like deciding which fights to take planning rotation paths positioning on the map and things of that nature rotational game sense is the most scary.

One for most players but i’ll be going over some really important ways to improve it in a bit so stay tuned for that and finally our last hormone game sense is going to be general game sense general game sense is really just going to be the general stuff that isn’t really encompassed by rotations or mechanics these include things like knowing the weapon meta knowing the different map locations and things like that really general game sense is just your overall knowledge of the game so with that said now that we’ve had a solid introduction to the three forms of game sense for the remainder of this guide what i’ll be doing is essentially just giving you my top methods to improve each category of game sense.

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