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Top Interesting Facts about Moon




facts about moon

Facts About Moon

Our earth has only one Satellite that is moon. It is the fifth largest satellite of solar system and nearest neighbor of earth.

At night, it is the brightest and largest object in the sky that we can see with eye. Moon is a beauty, poets often compare the beauty of women with moon. If you want to know how to say moon in different languages, you can visit TheDifferentLanguages.


The distance of moon from the earth is approx. 384,400 in kilometers. For example you are driving a car to moon at a speed of 120kms/h.

You will reach on moon in 134 day. But it is not possible practically. It is only possible by a spacecraft which takes only 3 days to reach the moon.

Sun, Moon or Earth, Which is Bigger?

We can see the size of sun and moon looks like same but the sun is 400 times bigger than moon.

At the same time the moon is 400 times closer to earth than the sun so this is the reason they look same size. Moon is also more than four time smaller than earth and only 60 percent visible from earth.

First step on moon

Outside the earth, it is the only place where human have stepped foot. Neil Armstrong was the first person who stepped into the surface of moon in 1969.

In this mission Apollo 11 spacecraft was used. It was a successful mission and they return safely with moon rocks, dirt and pictures which are placed in museum.


The thickness of crust of the moon is 50 kms. Here is one more interesting thing about moon. It has many names in different languages.

Many people think about moon that it is perfect round shape but actually it is oval shape like egg.


The range of its temperature is -172 degree Celsius at night to 126 degree Celsius in day.

Because it has no significant atmosphere to block sunrays that`s why its temperature go up down wildly.


It gravitates around its own axis and orbits earth with 1.28 ligh-second speed which is 3683 kms per hour.

During this time, it covers total distance of approx. 23 Lac Kms.


The diameter of moon is 3476 kms and weight is 80 times less that earth. It is permanently surrounded by a dusty cloud.

Why moon follow us

It is far away from us, our objects, houses, roads and trees so when we travel at night and see the moon following us and we can see it everywhere.

Some Interesting Facts

A day on the moon is 655 hours long, it means one day of moon is equal to 27 days of earth.

Its gravity is six times lesser than the our earth. If your weight on earth is 70 kg’s, your weight on moon will be 11.6 kg.

Moon does not has its own light. The light is actually sunlight that reflect from the surface of moon.

Moon has the important role in the movement of seas on the earth.

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