Advantages of Cardboard and Corrugated Board for Packaging

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Cardboard is a kind of thick paper stock. It is preferred for its thick and comparatively strong consistency due to which it is used in many different types of consumer packaging.

Cardboard is much cheaper to produce, and it is usually made from the recycled materials which doesn’t cost much money if purchased wholesale.

Other packaging materials are made from metal, wood or plastic which is expensive materials and much heavier then cardboard, as a result the shipping cost increased.

Cardboard is mostly used in packaging of consumer goods like cosmetics, food, display, food, gift, retail and toys. Custom Cardboard boxes has many advantages due to its durability therefor it is easy to ship items through the mail or logistics services.

For all these purposes, corrugated board is also used by the most shippers. It is a multi-layered material made from three layers of kraft paperboard, which is extremely thick form of brown cardboard.

There are two thick outer layers called liner boards that form the main body of the box. The middle layer between the two thick layers is thinner which creates air pockets and consist of fluted piece of reinforced paper.

These air pockets create excellent resistance during rough handling and protect the products from damaging. The using of corrugated boxes are increasing day by day in all over the world for the shipment of goods.

By using these cost effective options, shipper ensures that goods arrive at their destinations safe and sound. Corrugated board is now much considered due to its versatility because there are many different types of corrugated board are available, with different level of strength, thickness and ratings.

Cardboard and corrugated board, both are usually easily printable with HD designs and colors and easily be customized by using of die cuts but both are very different materials.

Usually cardboard is preferred for consumer packaging due to its ability to be printed with a wide variety of textures and colors, and it’s lighter and more pleasant to the touch as compare to corrugated board. Cardboard sometimes used for shipping, like case of the thin, flat cardboard mailers in which documents are shipped.

However corrugated boxes are best choice for wholesale packaging and shipping. Here is an important part that corrugated boxes are far better for loading because they can support the weight of other boxes on their top, which allows them to be palletized.

cardboard boxes

Before choosing corrugated boxes for your shipping, make it possible to choose the appropriate grade and thickness of cardboard. Keep in mind that cardboard and corrugated board may share a vulnerability to moisture, so sometimes shippers wants to find some alternative way in that kind of situation where cargo might become wet.

In this condition plastic wrap can help you to protect cardboard and corrugated board from the moisture. In the current scenario, online shopping trend is growing, now almost every company far and wide must distribute their products to customers.

Many companies and wholesalers in USA providing custom cardboard and corrugated board for Packaging. They will provide custom boxes for packaging as per you requirement. Custom cardboard packaging is one of the top company in this list.

If you want to give your packaging an extra pop, you have to choose High-quality custom designs, either your products are going to direct customers or retailer. You can make your brand famous and recognized by attractive and colorful customized packaging which enhance the quality of your brand.

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