3 Hardest Languages to Learn of the World


English is though become the universal language, but there is still you need to learn some of the language to communicate. This is because you need to deliver what is important to those who do not know the English language or except the native language.

This way you need to learn the native language. You can learn the native language by joining any local academy there or by online language sites like the different languages.

But there are some hardest languages of the world that you can not learn easily. From the top we have listed some of the hardest language of the world that are difficult to learn.

3 Hardest Languages

  1. Arabic
  2. Mandarin
  3. Hungarian

1 – Arabic

Arabic is world known language as most of the gasoline product are exported worldwide from Saudi Arabia. They have oil reserves that supplies oil all over the world.

So, the local employees do not know the universal language so you have to speak the native language Arabic to deliver the actual message to the workers who are working in the field.

This language has its own special signs what are difficult to learn for the outsider. There is also different accent that are used for this language.

2 – Mandarin

Mandarin is another hardest language of the world. This language includes phrases, idioms and other language signs that are only possible when you stay with them and adopt their culture for years and then you will learn only 5 percent of the language. If you want to learn the whole language, you should have stayed there for a decade.

3 – Hungarian

Hungarian is another language that fall in the hardest language category for most og the speakers. In English language we have alphabets and 2 different accents. If you learn one of the accents you can service.

But if you are going to learn the Hungarian language you need to learn all the different cases for learning the language. There are 26 cases in the Hungarian language that you need to learn.

There is no concept of proper grammar in Hungarian language. Suffix and word cases are use to speak the language without speaking the tense in order.


We have noticed that there are bunch of language that we need to learn to communicate to the world. As English become the international language but according to the vanish rule the existing things must die when time come and new thing is born and replace the first one.

So, there will be time that English language will be universal no more. So, each country is struggling to make its language to get ranked on the top of the languages so they could get prominent in the world.

So, if you ever need to learn any language you can visit the different languages online languages site that helps most of the students to learn any language with proper accent and guide and with example in other language.

Speaking no more is not the solution to any language so you have to learn the native language instead of using the universal language. It will not only give you benefits but you will also get respect while you are speaking the local language.

Benjamin Gabriel

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